Dylan Thompson

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Strategist

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Dylan’s unique blend of expertise in finance, ERP, supply chain, and rail freight businesses has made him a cornerstone of CloudNData’s growth strategy. With a robust background in both investments and the intricate world of supply chains, he’s been integral in structuring the company’s financial operations to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Dylan, with a finance and rail freight background, brings strategic financial solutions to CloudNData’s supply chain.

  • Global Finance Leaders Network
  • Rail Freight Professionals Association
  • ERP Innovators Club
  • Finance Leadership Excellence, 2021
  • Top 50 Investment Strategists, 2020
  • Supply Chain Innovator, 2019
  • Trustee, National Freight Rail Foundation, 2021 – Present
  • Speaker, Global ERP Summit, 2020
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Co-Founder & Chief Solutions Architect

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Strategist

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