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At Cognixor, we are committed to delivering the highest level of service and the most innovative solutions to our clients. Our projects demonstrate our dedication to helping our clients optimize their supply chains, implement AI solutions, and drive efficiency in their operations.

$125 Million

Total cost savings achieved for our clients.


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Total number of projects completed.


Average efficiency improvement for our clients.

Is your supply chain achieving its full potential?

We ensure every link in the chain is optimized for peak performance.
$2 Billion+
saved in operational costs for our clients
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Successful Supply Chain Transformations

Client Name
Challenge Faced
Solutions Implemented
Results Achieved
ABC Corp.
Struggling with inventory management leading to overstocking
Implemented predictive analytics using AI
Reduced inventory costs by 30%
XYZ Ltd.
Inefficient supplier communication causing delays
Cloud-based collaboration tools set-up
Enhanced supplier communication by 50%
123 Inc.
Poor demand forecasting leading to stockouts
Real-time demand analytics integration
Decreased stockouts by 40%
DEF Gmbh.
Inability to track shipments in real-time
Integrated IoT tracking system
Improved real-time visibility and reduced delays
MNO Tech.
High transportation costs
Logistics and transportation optimization using AI
Reduced transportation costs by 25%
XYZ Industries
Inefficient supplier coordination resulting in frequent delays
Adopted cloud-based collaboration tools and real-time tracking
Improved supplier response time by 25% and reduced shipment delays by 40%